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Palm Reading - $65,00
Personality, character and career analysis. Things that are coming towards you and how best to deal with them.

Tarot Readings $85.00       
Tarot  cards will tell you more about the people in your life, people coming into your life what you can expect from them...What they can expect from you, how best to deal with these people.

Psychic Reading - $125.00
The Psychic reading is basic psychometric. We will need something that has belonged to you, that has never been borrowed or used by anyone else, such as a pair of glasses, a key or some jewelry. We are also able to do a reading on someone that isn't present if you have an item of theirs for the reading.  We will tell you more about the future, events happening now and they're outcomes.

Combination Reading - $300.00

Will go 10 years into your past and 10 years into your future it will tell you about trips changes job potential's when to when not to buy,sell,invest  move or change  career

Crystal Reading - $175.00

Will tell you all about love what's happening now and the outcome i'll go into your past present and future with relationships and determine who is your true soulmate

Chakra Balancing - $250.00

Is where we go into medication together
And determine witch chakras are unbalanced
I will bring them back to there position
And show you how to keep them balanced

Couple Relationship Reading - $150.00

Spiritual - $350.00

Karma - $500.00

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