This is amethyst.  Amethyst has been known to be a positive and healing stone.  It will bring a lot of prosperity toward your new beginnings...such as a new career, relationships, home and family.  So please make sure to always have amethyst with you for those big steps

This is Citrine.  Citrine is known for being a protection stone.  It will take away all dark and negative energies surrounding you. It will also rejuvenate you with positivity and clarity once meditation and connection is done properly

This is rose quartz.  Rose quartz manifest in love.  If you feel that the connection between you and your partner is fading, rose quartz can bring the connection back.  It will not create feelings,only enhance once meditation and connection is done properly

This clear quarts.  It represents peace of mind and harmony to balance all of your chakras and align them so your mind, body and spirit can all connect as one, once meditation and connection is done properly


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