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Hello, my name is Tabitha.  My journey began when I was six years old and ever since then, I’ve had many adventures–good and bad. Every single day I meet the most amazing people with the most spectacular encounters to share with me, and although I would love to help each and every one of them, I’m simply not God–I’m just a messenger to do the work he allows me to.
I have been an international healer since the age of 13. I work in all aspects of a person’s energy and surroundings. Although I have never met anyone I could not do a reading for, I have met hundreds, possibly thousands of people I could not cleanse or heal, because it was not God’s will or due to Karma reasons. I treat every client with the same amount of respect and gratitude: I’m not here to judge I’m here to guide.

I know my gifts and power were put on this earth to help and heal anybody and everybody that I possibly can. My methods are all natural; I work with the power and strength of prayer meditation, chakra balancing, and crystal therapy healing.
I also give clarity and Guidance through any of my readings, which include Palm readings, Angel card readings, psychic readings, crystal energy. Readings and combination readings

There are no problems too big or too small for me to handle.  I can make you feel better in life because I can help you see things in the proper perspective.  Once you get a reading done by me, you will walk away with clarity, hope, faith, happiness, and relief.



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